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Welcome to Buy-A-Donkey

Buy-A-Donkey is a truly South African brand. Using a play on words for a locally used term, ‘Baie Dankie’, which originates from Afrikaans, one of the local languages spoken in South Africa, which means ‘Thank you’, ‘Thanks a lot’ or ‘Thank you very much’ .

Buy-A-Donkey came about in 2009 when Megan, the now Founder of Buy-A-Donkey, was trying to teach a friend from England how to say ‘Thank You’ in Afrikaans, when he turned around and said, it sounds just like buy-a-donkey!

Buy-A-Donkey was officially born 9 years later in 2018 to now share our small story with the world, but making a big difference locally.

We Build Dreams

We support our local community by providing a range of handmade and locally inspired products, including our very own children’s story and activity book that not only represent the mixed cultures and talents in South Africa but also make for an outstanding and unique gift to share with your family and friends across the world.

Handmade in South Africa with love – we believe in Support Local and Share Global.

When you buy one of our products, you are helping these people fulfil their dream – so thank you from all of us:


Beauty Sibanda

Beauty Sibanda is the third born and grew up in a small village with her family where she farmed and herded cattle. Beauty has always enjoyed arts and crafts but when she first came to South Africa she worked as a domestic helper and then decided she wanted to learn to knit and that is when Beauty started her own business. She currently supports her family including her twin sister and her children. Her dream is to buy a house for her children to live in.


Moses Rombayi

Moses Rombayi lives in Orange Farm with his wife and daughter. He is one of 9 children. Moses lost his mom at a young age of 12 and this is when he contracted Polio but this didn’t stop him. He started his career as a tailor in 2009 when he fell in love with toys, he says: “Toys bring a smile to people’s faces and he wants to share this happiness with the world.” His dream is to take his toys globally so he can take his family on a holiday to the UK.

Nkosinathi Moyo & Ennoh Mtanha

Nkosinathi Moyo and his cousin Ennoh Mtanha
teamed up to make ends meet as they are both fathers and bread winners. They both enjoy art and it is a way of interacting with people as well as portraying their day-to-day life, their pain and their joy, on a canvas with the world. Their dream is to open an art gallery and institute to help young artists get recognised so they too can stand on their own feet.


Rev. Jannie Pelser

Toekomsvenster or FutureWindow is a registered non profitable organization co-ordinated by Rev. Jannie Pelser. It is a community job creation project that supports young and unemployed people from Munsieville in Mogale City. They aim to train and empower people to aid entrepreneurship or employability to secure a future and make their dreams come

Amen Mupaya

Amen Knowledge Mupaya is 43 years of age and started beading in 2005 as a hobby, when it soon became his living. He loves to explore his beading skills and implements new ideas every day. He also supports his family and extended family. His dream is to spread his new ideas and work all over the world and to also teach the young ones in his community the skill of beading and how to run a business.

Phillip Malachi

Phillip Malachi is 43 years old and started doing wire art in 1996 because he had to support his family and he always had a passion for it. He says he likes to create things that people enjoy and makes them happy. His dream is to buy a house for his family as well as to teach other people the art of wire.


Megan Kronberger

Megan Kronberger was born in South Africa and always had a fetish for colour, copy and anything creative. Having studied Marketing after leaving school Megan spent a number of years in corporate but recently left to set sail. It was at that moment her dreams were realised and now it is her dream to help others on their way to realise their very own. 

Our Creations

This is our range of handmade and locally inspired products available to order:

Knitted Donkeys – Beauty

Sewn Donkeys – Moses

Painted Donkeys – Nkosi & Ennoh

Beaded Donkeys– Amen

Reversible Grocery Bag – Toekomsvenster

Wire Donkey - Phillip

Story & Activity Book – Megan

Tshirts x 5 designs (5 sizes: S-XXL)

Display Stand – Toekomsvenster

Thank you for supporting Buy-A-Donkey, a local community upliftment project, building dreams one item at a time.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please do get in touch so we can help you.

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